Even in the immediate wake of the OPEC oil embargo of late 1973, Americans kept on buying full-size Detroit sedans. For the 1974 model year, better than a half-million hulking Ford Customs, Galaxies, LTDs, and their wagon counterparts roared out of dealerships here, and the LTD Brougham was the most prestigious of the bunch. Here's a magazine advertisement for that car, touting its build quality.

1974 ford ltd magazine advertisement
Ford Motor Company

The text explains just how to check the quality of any new car in 1974, but—in Dearborn's opinion—why would you bother even looking at a shoddy Fury or corner-cutting Caprice or hammered-together Ambassador when the LTD Brougham has such lustrous paint and an utter lack of cloth bits protruding from the vinyl top?